To the weary world this Christmas season {Five on Friday}

Christmas-time. Despite my lack of excitement leading up to the first day of Christmas, I inevitably feel a sense of wonder and awe when the day finally arrives. I fight and push and pull with myself, telling myself to stop being a Scrooge, and to just accept the Christmas holiday - if for nothing else but for my children.

But then the day comes. And I am again thrown into the peace and calm and realness of the Lord. And how He did this for us. Even though he wasn't ACTUALLY born on December 25th -- the IDEA, the mere IDEA that the God of the universe became human simply for us -- that is something to stand in awe before.

And I do. Time and time again.

And I thank Him. With everything inside of me, I thank Him.

This weary world, this tired and weary and crazy world... He did this for us.

Christmases for me are the same every year - stressing about presents the day before we are supposed to exchange, looking around my house wishing I was more crafty, watching kiddos sit on Santa's lap and thinking it's weird (I know, I'm weird!)... But then it's time to go to mass. And it washes me, anew, every single time.

I am made new in Him who came down for you and for me. We are made new.

This Christmas season let's stand in wonder at the throne of the God of all things, the babe, the son of Mary. For "it is a uniquely Christian teaching, the Divine choosing to become one of us."

It's not time to put down your tree quite yet, be patient, my friend. The Christmas season ends on January 12th, the Baptism of the Lord. Let's celebrate in joy and in peace.

Merry Christmas season, mothers and fathers and daughters and sons. Be made new.


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