Weekend Reads (on a Friday)

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I know it's only Friday, but can I just pretend for a minute that it's the weekend? I would love that.

There was some goodness this past week in the interwebs, and I wanted to pass it along to you.

TOP // Blythe of The Fike Life is an awesome, awesome chick. You need to read her blog, because she'll make you smile and feel like you're sitting down with a friend. Here's her post: 68.

MIDDLE LEFT // I've been a longtime lover of Kate Baer, formerly Motley Mama. She is an incredible writer. Here is her post on When We Stop Pretending.

MIDDLE RIGHT // Jessica blogs over at Pig & Dac, and not only is she a fellow Arizonan (so fingers crossed one day that we actually meet!), but she's a beautiful mother of a couple of cute boys. She wrote Breast Milk Doesn't Expire After the First Birthday.

BOTTOM LEFT // You all know I'm a lover of Kristen of When At Home. This post was written by her husband. And it is FANTASTIC. Like, amazing. I sent it to my parents, my husband, my friends, everyone. It's good. Marriage is hard, but this post is an awesome one in great encouragement of marriage.

BOTTOM RIGHT // Another blogger who I am so encouraged by is Mary Beth of Annapolis & Company. This post, The Hard and the Holy rocked me. Motherhood man, it brings out all of the feelings. Read this gem.

K, now go hug your kids or kiss your husband or take a nap. You deserve it.

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