Words to My Girls:: 9/52

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetLia:: You are so loud and sometimes hurt my ears. But you are the greatest little girl ever. You are smart and gentle and kind and funny. This is you probably yelling something when really it is just you wanting to engage and be in conversation, always, be a part of something. Always be a part of the team my love, speak your voice loud and proud, never lose your gift of tenacity and determination to be heard and to be known. You will go places, my love.

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Siena girl:: You are the sweetest and most pure soul I have ever met. You want nothing more than to be a caretaker to your sisters, big and small, and you want nothing more than to always be around them and with them and talking with them. You are a quiet soul who speaks in highest praise of those that you love. You are my sweet cuddle bug, and your face makes my heart sing.

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Lucia:: You are kind and patient and so incredibly loving. You love your sisters with everything and can laugh with them and at them all day long. You give my heart such a peace that I don't remember having. I could wrap my arms in you and rest there all the days long. You put my mind at ease.

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