I write to you today to tell you something that I hope you have been told your entire life.

I hope with every fiber of my being that you, as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife, know this very truth.

I pray that someone has never lost patience with these precious words and continue to utter them day in and day out to you, beautiful reader.

You need to know this. I write this to you, I write this to my daughters, I write this to my mother.

You are worthy of these words more than you know. And you need to hear it here, if not anywhere else. Hear it here ::

You, my girl, are loved beyond comprehension.

Not even the most by me, I might add. You are loved by the very peace inside of you. He is there. Loving every breath that you take.

And He is here, beside you, holding your hand along the way.

You are LOVED my girl.

And you. You are fearfully and wonderfully and beautifully made. Because He loves you.

Because you're loved He chose to breathe breath into your lungs. Because you're loved you are right when He wants you to be. Because you're loved, He will take your hand out of your mess. Because you're loved, He will laugh in joy beside you. Because you're loved, you never need the right words. You never need a thing.

He loves you. and me. You, my girl. You, my friend.

You are loved.

He loves you. and me. You, my girl. You, my friend. You are loved. <--- Click to tweet.

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