Welcome. I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Jenna Guizar (that's Gee-zar). I'm a wife and mama to four girls (with one in heaven).

Here in sunny AZ, I pretend to love football for my husband, I read lots of books to my three daughters, and I try not to burn mac n cheese on the daily.

I'm a HUGE lover of Twitter. So let's talk.

In between tweeting, being a respiratory therapist at the local county hospital, and [not] burning mac n cheese, I am the Founder + Creative Director of Blessed is She women's ministry + community.

Close to two years ago, I felt a prodding on my heart to start a Catholic women's ministry that meets women where they're at -- whether online or in real life, whether young or old, whether in Spain or in Australian or in the US -- and the Lord has done more with Blessed is She than anyone ever expected. Get more deets here.



As a wifey, mom, part-time respiratory therapist, and full-time biz / ministry owner, I know how you feel when you feel BUSY.

The combo of all the things going on can make us run-down, exhausted, and irritable. 

We aren't called to be run-down and exhausted. We are called to live lives on fire and full of grace.

Not only do I look to prayer for my emotional health and stability, I realize that essential oils help me on my journey to wellness.

Let's get off the hamster wheel of run-down living and jump into the fullness of life that the Lord wants for us.

Let's journey to health, together. Find out more.