Five Minute Friday :: Release
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Write for five minutes on Friday. Hence it's called Five Minute Friday.


I let go of the anxiety, the pressure, the neediness, the tightly wound stronghold that every single obligation chokes me with.

I let go of the expectations and the disappointments and the pain of always being let down.

I release the tension that coils my muscles into balls that remind me of my constant discomfort and lack of peace in my life. They are the physical examples of the emotional strain that rests in my chest.

I release it and I melt into You.

You, my refuge, my peace.

The release is so sweet and gentle and just right.

The release is the uncoiling of my insides, laying them out, stretching them thin, kneading through the process, to be made whole yet again.

The release is Your refining me. I can't forget. I mustn't forget. The release is my sanity. It is my light. It is my heaven. The sweet release.

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