I Got an Ombre Fail

The title clearly says it all.

I have had my hair all sorts of lengths - from nearly pixie cut, to loooong in high school, and everything in between (obviously). I love above the shoulder cuts on me, but I've really loved my long hair as well. I vacillate often about going super short or keeping it long.

To curb my constant need of changing (aka cutting) my hair, I've tried to color my hair to keep my excitement up. I've never colored my hair before these past couple of years, so highlighting it was fun and different for me. I've enjoyed it, and it definitely works on me fighting the urge to chop it all off for some change.

So I decided to up the ante. I decided to go ombre. I've loved this hairstyle for years (I know, I'm always behind on trends), and although I was nervous about going for it, I figured it would be fun, and hey, it's just hair!.... right?

WRONG. So wrong. So very, very wrong. Let the pictures do the talking.

Ombre Collage.jpg

Like. Serious. Serious. That's my hair ^^^^.

Bah. Needless to say, it wasn't a "Oh, it's just hair!" moment for me. It was a "holy shizz I look like an orange-blonde crazy person." I never thought my hair could be blonde. Ever. I never thought it would look good on me. Well, push all thinking aside, now we KNOW it doesn't look good on me. And, really?! Does it look ANYTHING like the picture???

I cried. Just a bit. Just a teensy bit.

Hair Collage.jpg.jpg

Truly. Fail. It was an ombre fail.

The girl who did it, she was so sweet. But after about an hour in the chair, I asked her how long she had been working at the salon.

"Oh, I just graduated five months ago and just started here four months ago."

Oh. my. lanta. She's new and young and doesn't know what she's doing.

I felt awful, of course. Why do women feel guilty about asking people to re-do services they're paying for?? I don't know. I felt horrible for calling back and saying, "I'm really not happy, can someone [else] fix this?"

I went back to the salon, and my nightmare came true... the original girl was there at the same time! The new hairstylist kept spinning my chair in the exact same direction as the original stylist. So I was just staring at her the whole time (but really just tried to keep my eyelids glued together for two hours). It was a-w-f-u-l.

This new stylist, though? She knew what she was doing. She was confident, she was sure. She said she'd fix this and that it would look great. And I believed her, and she performed some miracles, people.

Hair Collage 2.jpg.jpg

I am so happy that she gave me my brown hair back. I didn't want to be a blonde, and I never want to be a blonde again. I may just chop my hair off next time since I know that that's something I really love. I still don't know, though. I just know I need to research who I go see again. No more newbs experimenting on my hair unless it's a cut.

Tell me below: Have you ever had a disastrous hair experience? How did you handle it?

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