Why I Hate the Notebook

Why I Hate the Notebook

These are my confessions... (singing in my head to Usher. Love me some Usher. I mean, he's no JT, but, really, who can compete with JT??? ;)

Anyway, why you're here.

I hate the Notebook.

i hate the notebook
i hate the notebook

Years ago, my boyfriend (now husband) asked if he could come to my house and watch The Notebook with me. I had mentioned to him a couple weeks prior that I had never seen the movie before. He obviously made fun of me a lot, because apparently The Notebook is one of those movies that EVERYONE SEES (like Forrest Gump, The Godfather, Star Wars -- although he's never seen ANY of Star Wars -- The Goonies, Breakfast Club, etc.). So he wanted me to see it so he could stop laughing at me. Oh, and because he loves it. (Don't tell him I told you!)

I am not a romantic movie fan in general, so I guess I should disclose that as well. I just think they're dumb and unrealistic, mostly because they are.

But this one looked decent, and it's from a book, so, it can't be bad, right?


This movie. Oy, it revs my engines.

Why do we like a movie so much where she cheats on her fiance??

I don't get it. I don't.

I get the part where we want her to have a true love moment and life. But, really, she can make the choice about who she loves. I understand if her feelings lean more toward Noah. That's awesome, that's all well and good and lovely and they should be together foooorreeevvveerrr.

But when she chooses to have a fiance, and she chooses to go to Noah's house after having a fiance, and she chooses to have sex with Noah while she is engaged, why are we calling this a great love story? Why are we so impressed and googl-y eyed over a woman who cheats on her soon-to-be-spouse?

Makes me reallllly confused. Like, really confused.

If we love this movie, do we really just like it despite those parts? Or do we like this movie and we applaud a woman cheating on her fiance all in the name of love?

At what cost is that too much? How much do we hurt someone to feel like we should get the love we "deserve"?

Again, it's all about choices. If she chooses to be with her fiance, she's choosing to love him for the rest of her life. Daily making that choice. It's not fleeting when her fling comes back into the picture (or when she actively seeks out the fling).

I hope we don't take these sorts of "fairy tales" as things that are appropriate or okay in real life. I know we're all adults and there are movies that don't always align with our values in our personal lives. But I have a suspicion that some people actually think what she did is okay. But, it's not.

We all know that. We all know what she did was wrong. We know that... right?

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