How do you get it all done?

I've had so much fun (and stress) the past few months.

I've collaborated with so many incredibly amazing women, I've worked my tooshie off trying to make Blessed is She a successful women's ministry that truly gets to the nitty gritty of women's lives, I've interviewed really fun and thought provoking people over on the Building Bridges Podcast, and ---

oh wait, how could I forget ---

hanging with my daughters, being a wifey to Mike, and so much more.

Good gravy sometimes I truly overwhelm myself when I write it all down.

How do you get it all done?

I don't.

Honestly, I don't.

Every place where my time is given, time is taken from somewhere else. There isn't an indefinite amount of time to my every day like God's (bummer), so, I literally do not have enough minutes to get it *all* done.

So, I just don't. The days that I sit and am extremely attentive to the girls, something on my computer gets forgotten - an email, a response on social media, a question in a Blessed is She Regional Group, an order that needs to get mailed out, etc. - something gets forgotten.

And I have guilt. It's like Working Woman's Guilt.

But then the days where I am at my computer, at work on this ministry, or on a podcast, or on social media... those days are filled with guilt as well. Mom Guilt.

Guilt sucks me in and can overwhelm me SO much. 

But it also does another thing. Guilt makes me step back and look at what's important. 

Yes, I believe it's all important. I believe I'm doing the hard, holy work - whether it be reading a book with my children while they climb all over me, whether it be working to maintain and support Blessed is She, or whether it be working with a patient in the hospital doing respiratory therapy.

It's all good, holy, and important work.

But there is something that is most important.

And it's that nagging feeling in the back of my head that just will not escape, no matter how many minutes I fill up my day with *work.* No matter how far I run away or busy myself with this or with that, there is a constant that never leaves me.

And I take a deep breath.

And I look towards the heavens, and I breathe out a sigh that says, "I trust in You. I can do none of this alone. I can do none of this without a Savior who made it come to be. I can do none of this without a God who willed my family, this work, my life into being."

Out goes the sigh and out goes the guilt.

I am sitting in the refuge of my King. And the guilt washes away and I am held, rocked, secured, and safe in my Father's arms.

I don't have the right answers or the right solution to my neverending problem of "busy-ness" other than knowing the truth -- that I have a source of refuge, one of peace, one of hope, one of unending love, one of joy, one of faithfulness.

I *know* this truth.

So while the guilt may eat away at me at times, before I take my sigh of relief in the arms of the Father, it will never take my spirit or my joy. It will never take my desire to bring beauty into this world. It will never take my passion for community. It will never take my love for my husband and my children.

It will just take me into the arms of my Father. 

I fall into the the arms of the Father who has never stopped pursuing me, going after me, fighting for me, and waiting for me.

Kristin Foss of Vine of Plenty made me incredible print that will serve as such a beautiful source of centering for me. I can see this in my office and have it serve as a reminder of what is truly of the most importance. 

My God.

My prayer life.

My family.

My ministerial service.

My work.

My rest.

Click the picture below to download this free gorgeous printable from Kristin. Put it in a space where it can serve as a constant reminder to you:

You are my refuge and my shield.

I put my hope in your word.

In between tweeting, reading books to my daughters, and [not] burning mac n cheese, I am the Founder + Creative Director of Blessed is She women's ministry + community.