Let Me Tell You What Matters

Let Me Tell You What Matters

Someone [close to me] recently told me that my dreams, my aspirations, my desires, my goals, my projects, my passions bring nothing into this world.

They told me that no one would notice if those passions and those projects were never put into fruition.

They told me that this space, this incredibly sacred space for me would not matter to people if it didn't exist.

Even more so, they told me that Blessed is She doesn't matter.

And to those accusations, to those lies, to that demeaning and horrible conversation: I have no words.

Absolutely no words for what goes through my brain when I hear those incredibly awful thoughts being said aloud. No words.

The only thing I can muster is this: If someone has ever said these lies to you (even if it's yourself), please know, PLEASE know that your passions matter. Your dreams matter. Your project matters. Your goals matter. They matter. You matter. <-- Tweet this.

I know that that has been said before. I know that. And you want to know what I'm truly grateful for? ALL of the times it's been said before.

Because without those thoughts pulsating through my head, without every single memory of every single person who wrote those words YOU MATTER or who said YOUR STORY MEANS SOMETHING or who said LET YOUR PASSIONS SET YOU ON FIRE, I would be in the corner crying my eyes out that someone could possibly say that my passions do not matter.

Because, really, get behind me.

What I love, what I dream of, what I have a vision for, what I think about every night until I can't possibly think anymore: These things matter. And they give me life. And they get my butt out of bed. And they put red lipstick on me and remind me that I'm alive.

I'm alive.

With passions, with voices and smells and music and friends and strangers and cuddles and kisses and whispers and love.

I'm alive.

So what you have to say to me -- what anyone has to say to you --- about ditching my dreams, about pushing my passions to the wayside -- what you have to say to me means nothing.

Because none of that will stop me.

I will keep on dreaming, because I'm alive.

keep on dreaming
keep on dreaming

In between tweeting, reading books to my daughters, and [not] burning mac n cheese, I am the Founder + Creative Director of Blessed is She women's ministry + community.