When Things are Good
a little update.
a little update.

It's been a while, sweet blog. I was going to say "sweet world," but I've been in the world and living it up but just haven't documented here on this blog. In quite a while.

What have I been up to?

I've been waking up and having slow mornings with my husband.

I've been cuddling with my daughters on the couch.

I've been putting my phone in the room opposite of where we are so that I can focus on the only things in the world that truly matter: my family.

I've been praying. And not praying in ways that I think will earn me brownie points with other Christian-friendly bloggers, but praying because nothing of this is mine: it's all His and because of Him and from Him.

Basically, I've been living. I have been putting on my red lipstick and dressing up in cute clothes and (attempting to) do my hair.

I've been breathing fresh air. And it feels so damn good, you guys.

What's going on with Blessed is She?

This past few months, Blessed is She has really blown up. All by and for the glory of God, this ministry is big (in my eyes) and is growing (holy crap), and I couldn't be more grateful. Really.

I am surrounded by amazing writers (check them out here), there is an amazing Instagram following, and Twitter (y'all know I'm obsessed with Twitter, right?) is so so good. I host a #BISchat randomly -- I'd love to do it every Monday but it's difficult with life and all that. But wouldn't you know it, there are so many women who are full of wisdom and kindness and love and speak into each other's lives during those chats. It is surprising, it is fulfilling, and it is good. Like, Jesus Good.

What about my capsule wardrobe?

I still dream of being Unfancy one day (who doesn't?). I mostly wear the same things every day and try to mix them up. Some of my favorite recent additions to my wardrobe are this So Worth Loving tee, this Madewell gorgeous necklace (a birthday gift from a dear friend), and these combat boots from Rack Room.

I think they add something special to my wardrobe (and make me feel different and unique), and I absolutely love having one little thing that spruces up my every day outfits.

Why am I telling you all of this?

I'm telling you this because I want you to know me. I feel like for a little too long, I wrote for reasons other than you knowing my heart. But, here it is. My heart is red lipstick and reading the Word and being in community with other amazingly talented women. That's what fills me up, that's what makes me come alive, that's what I have discovered.

And again, for lack of better terms, it feels so good. From the inside out, it feels good. Like, Jesus Good.

RackRoom Collage
RackRoom Collage

leather chevron necklace // DIY by Cassie Kent of Kent HeartstringsG by Guess combat boots // Rack Room Shoespleated linen skirt // Gap black shirt // Old Navy

rr 2 Collage
rr 2 Collage

Rock & Candy boots // Rack Room Shoesskinny jeans // Gapwhite shirt // Target

In between tweeting, reading books to my daughters, and [not] burning mac n cheese, I am the Founder + Creative Director of Blessed is She women's ministry + community.