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Jenna Guizar
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essential oils

As a Young Living oily user, I found that essential oils improved my daily life.

Whether it be to: 1) support my daughters' wellness in the icky seasons, 2) clean my house with natural, non-toxic, and hard-working products, or 3) pick-me-up on the times when my emotions are down, essential oils help me work my way to healthy.

What does this mean for you? 

They'll change your life, too.


Support wellness

You’ll often hear that essential oils are called the “life force” or “life blood” of a plant. Which is true, they are. But what IS that? The way our blood helps our body to regulate itself, oxygenate, and heal our bodies – that’s what an essential oil does inside of the plant. Essential oils are used by the plants in somewhat the same way they are by humans – they fight infection, contain hormone-like compounds, initiate cellular regeneration, and work as chemical defense against fungal, viral, and animal foes. Despite their foliar origins however, essential oils have a similar structure to some compounds found in blood and tissues, allowing them to be compatible with our own physiology. (source)

I use essential oils like: Thieves, Raven, RC, Breathe Again, Frankincense, Lavender, Immupower, and more from Young Living.

non-toxic living

Why do we talk about the ingredients in our personal care products, cleaning products, and hair products? Why do we care about hidden ingredients we can't pronounce? Because for too long we didn't have the conversations that were needed as consumers, especially in America. We let companies sneak in harmful toxins and we kept voting that those ingredients could stay with our wallets. But today's consumer is intelligent. We are asking questions and wanting straight answers. (source: Courtney Critz)

I use: All the Thieves products Young Living offers, as well as Young Living's shampoo, conditioner, face washes, bar soaps, etc. 


system support

Essential oils, as stated above, help our bodies function as they should. They adapt to our bodies, work with our bodies to get all systems to a "go."

Not only do essential oils and Young Living products help our bodies align correctly in regards to wellness, these products help immensely with emotional support, digestion and gut health, hormonal support, and so much more.

To watch one of my favorite videos on "Why Essential Oils?," click right here.