Being Enough

I recently joined a group called The Peony Project, started by the beautiful Betsy of Heavens to Betsy. She created this community of women who blog and love Jesus (in its simplest terms). Check and check. They have an awesome Facebook group (that's open to anyone!!), where women bounce ideas off of each other, offer support, ask for prayers, and so much more.

Yesterday I got to "host" The Peony Project's Instagram. I snapped a little collage of the people in the Instagram community who inspire me. Here's the collage:

@baileyjeanrobert / @kristenschmucker / @laurenelizhook / @anniekarate

Aren't those beautiful??

I am feeling such inspiration from women who make me see beauty in places where I hadn't seen it before. In every person's perspective, there is something beautiful to be found. And I live for that.

And really, that is what keeps me going. Even on the cruddy days, it's in those moments of "I have somewhere to ask for a prayer," or "I know I have someone to talk to," or "I'm not alone." I have a space where there are women who are like me, and those are the places and thoughts that I cling to.

I feel a lack of creativity happening in my own life, and I often think, "If I only had this or only had that, or was good at this or that," THEN I would be a creative powerhouse.

But I just want to be okay with where I'm at. I'm not creatively juicing right now, but I'm taking in what I can from my family, from those who inspire me, from community, and most especially, from the Lord.

Right now, it's a dry season when it comes to creating or writing gold or photographing. And that's okay. I have nothing to prove to anyone. Let me repeat that to myself: Jenna, you have nothing to prove.

Be a mother, be a wife, be a women, be a caretaker, be a lover, be a friend. Be who you are right here, right now.

And that is enough.

In between tweeting, reading books to my daughters, and [not] burning mac n cheese, I am the Founder + Creative Director of Blessed is She women's ministry + community.