You Were There

You were there but it was so hard for me to see it.

Through my negativity, my anxiety, the tension, the strain. The air was so incredibly thick.

I could see it moving, through each one of us. Moving and swaying and giving us the bitter taste of family gone sour. Of friendships gone sour.

It rose and rose and rose. And I couldn't see You through it all.

But You were there.

In the whispers of the oncoming storm, in the calls of the children, in the rise and fall of laughter.

You were there.

Even when the tension mounts -- at home, in my heart, at a party, in obligation or emptiness -- even when it mounts, You are there.


Reminding me that no matter how badly I want to give up or flee or get the hell out -- that You are there. You are here.

In the soft whisper of my daughters' breathing in the night, in the whisper of the sheets after a long, hard day of marriage and motherhood, in the whispers of my breath finally    slowing     down.

The day is done.

And You were there.

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I'm hosting the Finding Beauty link-up this week. Sweet Aimee of This Darling Day started this a while ago, and it was always one of my favorite link ups... searching for the beauty no matter what the circumstances in life. So, please, link up a post of yours that is finding the beauty. I can't wait to see what you see :)

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Find Beauty Collage

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